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September 1, 2010 1 Comment
Since the housemate announced that she will be leaving the country and going travelling EVERY OTHER WORD has been about the trip. And to be honest I don’t blame her {it’s just after living for the first 6 months of this year with people planning their trip, I am kind of over it all.}
She’s also got a bit pious about her life choices.
If you are not all for loving and leaving and shedding all your worldly possessions then you are making the wrong decisions. What she doesn’t understand is that some people have already run off abroad and done it in their own way {and now it’s not even an option that can be considered} and what she understand less is that whilst she is jaded towards men and all things relationship, not everyone is.

I wish she would stop making me feel like I am failing a life test by actually liking my boyfriend and wanting to spend time with him. Or liking my job and wanting to stay in it. Or thinking that at some point I should purchase a house. Apparently I am far too clichéd.  

I have respected her choice to drop it all and run away. I just wish she’d respect mine to not. 

1 Comment

  • Helen September 2, 2010 at 11:54 am

    Ah, how frustrating. I really hate it when people get pious about their choices and make you feel inferior about yours.

    Travelling is great, definitely, and everyone should have the opportunity to do it if they want to, but what makes me smile is that some people planning things like this think they're really unique and doing something special, not realising that there are so many others doing/have done the exact same route, trip, activities etc, and that they're actually being a cliche themselves.

    I suspect some of her attitude is partly jealousy at your situation (ie: being happy!) and her superiority is an attempt to cover this. Your choices are equally as valid and hopefully some time away will make her grow up a bit and realise this.

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