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July 4, 2008 No Comments

Its the end of another week. It’s not been a hectic one, or too tough, but it seems like it started a LONG time ago.

There are little things making me happy though;

  • The guilty pleasures of my favourite lunchtime treat – a Wensleydale, apple and watercress Sandwich with beetroot and cranberry chutney, from Out of the Woods. I shouldn’t. I know the cheese will give me a migraine. But quite honestly I can’t resist.
  • Catching up with the boys and hearing all about Glastonbury. Oh, yes, I know now I should have gone, Watching it on the beeb just isn’t quite the same as being at a festival but I am sure the 500+ photo’s they took will make up for it some how.
  • Thinking about test driving cars. And trying to avoid making big decisions.
  • Knowing I’ll be spending Saturday night with Sarah and Hev. Drinking cocktails and dancing and gossiping. And then working with the very same ladies on Sunday with a hangover. Just like old times.
  • Planning trips to see friends I haven’t seen in a long time.
  • Listening to this song. I live with my ipod on shuffle, which can be embarrassing when the Rod Stuart track you added to make your friend laugh on that car journey comes on in public, but it does mean you never know what is going to brighten up your life next.
I hope the weekend goes just as slowly as this week has, but that it’s filled with much more fun.
{picture taken on the last night out with Sarah and Hev}

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