back in the city

May 18, 2009 No Comments

In contrast to last weekend, this weekend I was mostly;

  • Eating homemade spring rolls, vegetable rice and super hot chicken curry {of course not cooked by me! The boyf is the cook. I stand there attempting to look pretty}
  • Chilling out with the ‘rents before their imminent voyage.
  • Playing with my brothers dog.
  • Drinking contraband rum&cocktails in Sheffield.
  • Feeling old at club nights, and leaving early {3.30am!}
  • Spending Sunday in my pj’s, sat on the sofa, bacon sandwich sandwiches.
  • Catching up on 4 episodes of Lost – can somebody tell me what’s happened to Claire!
  • Watching 1408. Eh? That was a waste of my time.
  • Eating late Sunday dinners with friends.

And this week I have an ace 3 day week, as I am jetting off to Portsmouth again on Thursday to help Katie prepare for her wedding Friday! 

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