My kind of swap!

March 14, 2008 No Comments

i signed up for my first swap the other day.

its a shoe swap run by Jennifer at scissors paper glue (seriously ladies, what could be better?) and no, its not sending an actual pair of shoes, just a photo of your favourite shoes.

So i set about photographing my favourite pair{‘s – it was a hard choice} and then this week at b&w photography class i developed the film and printed the best shot for my swap partner. I am actually quite impressed with how it turned out in the end. it took a lot of playing with the contrast and times, but i got there in the end.

I am really excited about it. i have never done a swap before, so i’m not sure just how much to send to my swap partner (i don’t want to be the stingy one, but i haven’t a great amount to spend!) but i have a few ideas……
It was great as i got to use the extra zoomy bit i bought for my lenses too! (can you tell i am so not technical) but i had a great time and shot nearly a full 36 photo film, just of my shoes!

Talking of shoes, check out these cute litle Vans pumps i found. I love it when i can stop wearing sock and ‘liberate’ my feet in pumps and flip flops; oh, i cant wait to bust out the flip flops again.

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