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January 6, 2009 1 Comment

i literally have no idea where to start with the last month, so i might just gloss over it and come straight to 2009!

It’s time for the new years/new me’s resolutions;
1. take more photos – and by that i don’t meant drunk in the club pictures of my mates for facebook, i mean pictures, of stuff. that might interest people. or at the very least me. my flickr account is feeling neglected!
2. see more people. starting with oslo. february. although i’m not totally sure of the date yet. then the girls in londres. then maybe canada?
3. have more fun. lets face it between constantly wondering if i had taken the bins out, was being spoken to this week, had bought milk, had a relationship anymore, had a job anymore, had anywhere to live anymore – 2008 was pretty crappy. drunken. but crappy. this year i intend to have more fun!
4. find a yoga school. and go. more than once a month! seriously!
5. and this is kind of low on the list because it might actually require me to get off my ass and put some real effort in to something – sort my life out. the rents are saying PGCE. i am saying canada? season? find a rich sugar daddy? i have options now!

i don’t however have much battery life left in the old laptop. so i guess this is all the resoluting i can do. shame!

1 Comment

  • Jo Bradford January 16, 2009 at 12:49 am

    Happy New Year – hope all your dreams come true xx

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