i like how he leans

February 22, 2008 No Comments

Tonight sam and I are having a mscl marathon.

We’re settling down with some wine, some snacks and watching the show that changed our 15 year old lives, back to back, until we can take no more (or get too drunk to see!)

I honestly did (and still do really) believe that Jared Leto was the man for me, when I meet him I am sure he will realise this too! Haha. Kc is fully aware of this fact, and I think it is something he has learnt to deal with, because obviously it is a real threat to him!

And oh how I wanted to be tortured soul that was Angela Chase – in school we died our hair red (wella colour mousse – chilli – although it’s a lie that it’s wash-in wash-out) and got all moody, and I am still waiting for someone to stop me dead with the “you’re so beautiful, it hurts to look at you” line. (that an Vanilla Ice’s “Drop that zero and get with the hero”)

I’m also popping out to get some new bling bling lenses for my goggles – there’s a fire iridium Oakley A Frame lens with my name on just sat in the shop waiting for me! oooh. i cant wait!

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