I just wasn’t made for these times.

April 27, 2010 No Comments

Have you ever thought maybe you should have been of another time. Another place.
I’ve thought it before.
Usually when I am sitting down with a book.

Right now I am reading Maupin’s ‘Tales of the City’. It’s a bit late for my years of yearning. But I am thinking of getting the rest of the books and seeing how late 70’s san Francisco life turns out for the characters.

It’s usually something by Kerouac or Steinbeck or Hemmingway though. And I can go back and re-read them time and time again.

Dharma Bums is my favourite, but I have a soft spot for Cannery Row and Islands in the Stream.

It makes me dream of a life in a time when you could just go. And there were new things to be discovered. And it seemed easier to start again with no money. Just your friends and a quart of booze. Of a time when it was a bit more simple.

Maybe a time of the Beach Boys and the photography of this man –

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