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April 18, 2008 No Comments

I have a new musical love, recently I acquired a CD full of new music files for my i-tunes.
The entire of Black Rebel’s back catalogue {I had and loved BRMC, but hadn’t had a chance to get any more} was on there, King’s of Leon’s Youth and Manhood, and an unexpected find in a load of The Black Keys stuff.

I had heard them a couple of times last year on MTV2 but hadn’t really investigated further. But I LOVE them. I can’t believe I hadn’t known I’d heard anything else by them. {and who knew there were so many ads featuring their tunes}.

I am pretty much addicted to the track, The Lengths, and I have been listening to it, and most of Rubber Factory on repeat on my i-pod walks to work. There is just something about the song and life at the moment that I can relate to right now.

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