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June 19, 2008 1 Comment

I have been a little bit off the radar this last week or so. I’ve needed a bit of time to think.

There have been some big changes in my life these last few weeks. Kc and I have decided a little time apart is needed – after 7 years, we’re just not getting on so good. We don’t know if it’s forever or just for now, but I have moved out of my beautiful little flat in the centre of town and back to my parents {in the suburbs of a whole other city}, via the sofas and spare beds of some very understanding friends.

But now I have to start moving forwards, and figure out my life without the man I thought I would be with forever – even if he wasn’t all that good for me.

So. Moving forwards. I have a plan of things I have to do;

  1. I have to start making new friends. Meeting new people has to be good for me and my self esteem. Doesn’t it?
  2. Look for somewhere to live that doesn’t have my mum and dad in it {I love them, but I am 27 not 12!}. And isn’t a 20 minutes car ride and an hour bus ride from work and Leeds.
  3. Look for a new car {just in case this new flat is further in the future than I hoped}.
  4. Organise long-term adventures and apply for visas – Canada and Australia preferably. Canada is where I would mostly like to be and have the easiest chance of getting decent job, but Australia wouldn’t be a chore.
  5. Plan the trip to Cali later in the year with Sam, with a little return to my 2004 Mammoth home for me, some time in Santa Barbara visiting Sam’s facebook husband, and hopefully some time up in San Fran {via, Monterey maybe?}. We have a lot to get into the short space of time.
  6. Visit TK in Oslo.
  7. Clean out my wardrobe. Downsize. Charity shop all those clothes I haven’t worn in forever. If I haven’t worn them since 2003, I’m not likely to wear them now right? And do I really need a box full of shoes that I don’t really like? Nope. I will be Oxfam’s new best friend this month.
  8. See Lizzie more in Londres. There are no excuses for not going down tonnes now.
  9. Buy a {beach cruiser style} bike – with a basket. Why? Because I want one.
  10. Take more photos
  11. Eat healthier. Now I no longer need to eat boy meals, I can have cereal for my tea, and I don’t have to have meat. And I can have avocado on EVERYTHING!

    All Change here! Lets hope its for the better.

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  • Lizzy C August 1, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Aw I love you Emmy-Lou xxx

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