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February 20, 2008 No Comments

I got a gorgeous little bag off Lizzie for my birthday. She always gets me the best gifts – we have similar tastes so I know I’ll love her gifts (don’t believe me – last year we both bought each other the same pair of roller boots!).

I am normally a big bag kind of girl – I need space for at least one camera, my phone, mp3 player (although the new ipod isn’t getting thrown in there yet) a couple of lip balms, my keys, and my cash (sometimes you can find a notebook in there, some makeup – which is pretty redundant as I never remember to re apply – and there are always a thousand other things I never need, but take with me)

So to have a really small bag has been quite liberating. It fit my cash card, my digital camera and a small bit of change. I have to leave everything else at home, or put it in my pocket.

So, finally I have gotten round to checking out the website of the company who made it – Ness By Post – they are a Scottish company and the website has some of the most beautiful stuff on there. I love the hair bands and the corsages. Have a look. Its not very expensive either!

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