I didn’t know but now I know

July 1, 2009 No Comments
{almost all of our motley crew}

OMG. WTF. BIU. If i may use text speak for just one moment.

I am just back from 5 days at Glastonbury.
My heads a mess. I feel like i could go back to sleep for a week. My legs still hurt from all the walking, and I am not sure I can ever drink rum and ginger beer again, but I have to say that was one of the best long weekends ever!

So, highlights – seeing Brucey on stage with Gaslight Anthem {maybe my fave band of the moment, and seeing the boy’s face being that close to Bruce was amazing}, Blur bringing brit-pop back in style, hip-hop karaoke at the Stonebridge bar in the Park, Dizzee rocking the pyramid, watching N.E.R.D rock up late,get all confused at the drunken dancing brits on their stage and get pissed off for being cut off mid-song, oh, and spending all that time with my friends of course. All 20-odd of us in the camp.
spaz moment – stumbling upon Dead Weathers on the Park stage then wandering off drunk because we thought it was just The Kills.
There are just too many memories to write them all down to mean anything other than ramblings – at least they are in my head.

If you look closely on the Q mag aerial photo you can see our large blue tarp in the top corner of the Wicket Fields.

One thing though – it was over FAR too fast and there were so many clashes, so can we all go back and do it again so this time
I’ll see all the other bands i wanted to?

You can see the pic’s i managed to take in focus here.

{And no matter what anyone says the loo’s at Glastonbury on Monday morning were cleaner than the loo’s at Leeds on a Saturday afternoon}

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