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July 2, 2008 No Comments

I am test driving one of these little beauties this weekend. Isn’t it cute, in a ‘but I still look cool’ kind of way.

This whole buying a car thing throws up some difficult questions though.

My two previous cars have been second hand, like-it-or-lump-it numbers {don’t get me wrong – I did love them, but I didn’t have a choice}.

But now, buying a car from scratch means I have to be responsible for things like the colour {now that’s a biggie – what if I get it and then change my mind, or worse, what if in a state of dispare i decide to go with ‘cornflower yellow’?} and the seats – there are 4 different options of seat covers, and then there is the trim – another 3 options. What if I choose and then it all clashes? And then – Alloys – 14″, 15″ or 16″? A stereo with a cd changer or ipod dock? a sunroof? Where do i stop.There are just sooooooo many options. And thats before i have chose the engine – 1.4 or 1.6 {there is a 1.1 option, but i am ignoring it}. Petrol or diesel? God, this is hard.

Now I know these seem like trivial decisions – ‘You’re getting a new car’ I hear you cry, but I’m the kind of girl who shops at Topshop, H&M and Primarni so I can get 4 of those tops in different colours for when I get bored. I take every piece of clothing i have, every where, ‘just in case’ {which has been a problem whilst living this hobo life of late}.

This however is a car – its something i have to keep for at least 3-4 years, and not something i can just go and swap if i change my mind. {If only car dealerships were more like Topshop!}

So, I am thinking of taking the wimps way out – buying an ex-demo model – they’re ready made, usually top spec, and i hear they’re a little cheaper than new. It also means that I can always blame any little bits I’m completely happy about on someone else!


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