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i got my canon 400d. And i am soooooo happy.

i got the camera with the 18-55mm lens, but as i stayed eos, i can also use the 2 lenses from my 1000f; 35-80mm and 75-300mm.

Predicably – i haven’t put it down, and have been playing a LOT. {and making a lot of mistakes!} But here are a few examples;

{i am kind of sad to retire the 1000f – it’s been a great little camera, but that sticking shutter just isn’t helpful when trying to take pictures. but I am not abandoning film al together, i still have my beloved Holga and the instax mini polaroid, and i do plan to buy a new 1000F when i see on on t’ebay for a decent price}
expect to see a LOT of pictures from now on. I apologise if they suck!

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