Embracing Binge Drinking

April 3, 2008 No Comments

I know the government and the drinks industry and my mum go on about the bad effects of binge drinking. but there are just some times when it cant be helped – right?

this week I have a spate of ‘catch up drinks’, ‘leaving drinks’, ‘work drinks’ and ‘well it is Friday drinks’ that I just cant get out of {not that I actually want to get out of them, and it means that I’m spending 5 nights – from last night, thru Sunday, in the various drinking establishments of Leeds and Sheffield.

I am particularly sad about last nights drinks, as it marks the start of Yasmin’s leaving do’s, and it is just damn inconsiderate when one Jaeger/dinner/crazy dancing till 4 buddy leaves, although I guess leaving to move to London for an ace job is allowed. and we did celebrate it in style – although drinking a shot of jaeger at 6.45, then propping up the bar at jakes until I cant remember going home on a school night wasn’t my best idea – I think you may still be able to smell the tequila on me!

Saturdays drinks on the other hand are a completely different thing; dancing like buffoons to the latest and greatest indie that the Leadmill Dj’s can provide with my ‘quik to the core’ buddies of old {we spent a heady, giggling year all working together for quiksilver, and amazingly, still meet up as much as we can, it wasn’t a job, it was fun!} I love heading back to Sheffield, seeing the old haunts and catching up on the really trivial things.

{picture by me, with the holga at Rock and Roll, in wire, on the last quik outing!}

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