cupcakes, pink gin and the ting tings

June 1, 2008 No Comments

I have had some time to myself this week. KC is away at a festival in Holland, so i’m home alone. It has been wonderful. I have just had some time to chill out and relax, read, go to the gym, clean {really clean}, catch up on the new series of the Hills {guilty as charged -i love that show}.

And then this weekend some of the old quik to the core girls coming over. we all worked together in Quiksilver, in Meadowhall a few years ago, in the ‘just come out of uni and moved home to mum and dad’s’ years before we discovered what we wanted to do with our lives. sort of. but now we all have careers* we try and get together when we can to catch up, drink, dance like lunatics, and generally gossip like we used to.

In preparation i made some little treats :-
Mojito Cupcakes,

and berry vodka sorbet,
and some late birthday cakes for birthdays earlier in May.

We drank pink gin and tonic, rum and ginger beer, blueberry vodka and lemonade, and had home made pizzas, listened to music far too LOUD {sorry neighbours} gossiped and then hit some bars in town, before we headed home to drink a little more, dance to the new ting tings album and sleep 3 to a bed and on sofas…….
but boy am i tired today, but it has been so wonderful to do some catching up with old friends.

now i am off to take the cakes we didn’t eat last night to lucies beatiful new flat. then back home to watch the second episode of the hills and lost – is it the season finale tonight – i hope not!
what a perfect way to spend a boy-free weekend.

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