Croc Attack

April 10, 2008 No Comments

i think of myself as a quite tolerant person, but there are just some things that i just can’t abide;

People who can;t drive {i.e switch lanes without using their indicators, do 50 on the motorway, pull out without looking and nearly hit you}
People walking sooooooooo s….l….o….w….l….y in town at the weekends, taking up loads of space, and being totally oblivios to it, usually with a pushchair
and then there are people who wear crocs.

Seriously. They are plastic clogs. At what point do PLASTIC CLOGS sound cool. Not only are they plasic shoes, but they are plastic shoes with holes in them…, they claim to have some divine feet healing power, but honestly, there is a time when fashion has to out way function – they are hideous. I can almost understand buying a pair for your 5 year old child to wear on holiday, but on adults – it’s just too much for me to take.

Imagine Leeds on a rainy/snowy Sunday afternoon, when there has been loads of snow forecast all day, the first thing you would obviously think when you leave the house is ‘you know what i am going to wear my plastic clogs. BUT i’ll wear them with my socks so my feet don’t get cold’. And thats what i encounted in M&S whilst picking up some milk. Pink crocs, with bright blue stripey socks. on an actual grown-up. She should have known better.

And to make it worse, the hunk that is Jared Leto owns a pair. Not even he can look hot in crocs…..Now thats when you know something is ugly.

And then, whilst perusing Cooler and issue or so ago i discovered that not only do they make wellies, that look like the clogs but bigger {which, granted would have been a better choice for the M&S woman, but still aren’t right} but they have launched a high heeled version. The main problem with that is. What with Leeds being Leeds, and the fashion victim capital of the world, i am bound to be assualted with them all summer!

Right. Rant over. Just don’t buy me crocs!

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