Cowgirl Style

July 7, 2011 No Comments
{click the image to see my cowgirl pins in more detail}

When we arrived at my brothers house last night for our dog sitting duties there was an invite to his girlfriend fiancée’s 30th birthday party, next weekend. Its a wild west / cowboy themed do.

I need an outfit. Quick smart. But I would kind of like it to look classy you know. What do classy cowgirls wear? And come to think of it – what can i dress the boy in? {He wont wear checked shirts!}

{Also, my friend Jen is helping to organise a Cowgirl Hen-do in August for her soon to be sister-in-law {Jen is so not a tacky kind of gal either} so any help you give me will be passed on immediately to her. She has more of a job than me. I just need an outfit – she needs a whole party!}

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