Christkindle Market

November 16, 2009 No Comments

This weekend saw the opening of the annual German Christkindle market in Leeds.

It comes every year.

It is the same every year. I mean it NEVER changes. The same stalls come year in, year out. They are in the same place. Their stock rarely changes.

Yet we go every year. Without fail. Probably a couple of times a year too……

This year IS no exception. It opened friday night and we were there. Gluhwein and Schnapps in one hand. Large German sausage in the other. Huddled in the corner of a sweltering ‘beer keller’ to escape the rain.

It was wonderful, as always. And as a little surprise the boy drove up to see me. He wasn’t supposed to be with me until Saturday morning. But just as we headed out for food he appeared. German beers in hand. Soaked. And ready for his first German Market experience.

As it rained massively, and we sat in the corner, only leaving our bolthole for the bar, there are no snaps of the market. But don’t you worry – there will be some coming soon. Here are just a couple from the Fuji instax mini.

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