We are huge craft beer fans, and love to travel to beer festivals, or check out local breweries when we’re on a trip.

Hopefully, if you’re a beer fan too, you’ll enjoy these posts.

Some of our favourite breweries

Just a few of our favourite breweries that we’ve been to;

St Mars of the Desert – SMOD – is one of our new favourite UK breweries and lucky for us, they are based right here in Sheffield.

They do some amazing beers, but Clamp their NE IPA is a must drink.

If you haven’t heard of Verdant then are you even a craft beer fan? I don’t think so. This Cornish brewery is know for its big IPA’s and is helpfully located right where we visit to sail, a lot.

And if you’re in Falmouth, visit their Seafood Bar too!

Brew York are an epic brewery, started by someone my boyfriend used to work with. They do a series of epic fruity beers, some sour (which I love) and some are just big fruity numbers.

I think their rhubarbra streisand beer might be my favourite.