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March 31, 2009 No Comments

Yesterday i started my new job and signed for a room in a house with my friend! Things are on the move.

So, my new job is with a web marketing agency in Leeds, i think its going to be pretty tough as i have sooooo much to learn about SEO and PPc and web development, but so far it seems kind of interesting, and on the plus side i’m not at my old company. On the down side it means my stint in the shop with sarah has come to an end! no more standing about chatting with my friends all day! boo!

But it does mean that i will be getting paid a proper wage, and can now move back to Leeds! Yay.
So last night i saw a room in the house Sammy lives in, it’s pretty big, and she lives with 2 lovely girls, and its super cheap for what it is – so it makes total sense that i just go for it! It doesn’t hurt that they also have fajita parties and have bowls of sweets all over the place!

All i have to do now is make the room all girlie and cute! And make sure i take all the geeky stuff i am learning at work in!

Yay for getting my life back!

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