Back to the Nineties

September 8, 2008 No Comments

So, out for a few drinks Saturday night with the boys. Its all going quite well, you know the usual thing – a few flat beers (or a diet coke or two if you are on my detox}, some pool, chats about sleeping in the noode, boat pubs, saved by the bell, getting myself roped into Glastonbury next year. Then we pop to a bar in town, everyones feeling ok, swaying a little, and then….

On the bar, a flier for a retro night ‘playing the best from the late nineties and early noughties’. Now seriously, since when has the late nineties been retro?

On closer inspection, its basically the re-hashing of a night we used to go to, on either a Monday or Thursday evening at the Unit, when we wanted to bump into our mates, drink cheap white label vodka, snog our mates mates and dance like fools to cheesy pop.

{And guess what. It’s still at the Unit {under the new guise of Corporation}, the vodka is still £1 with a mixer and it probably will still be full of people we know snogging.}

But we’re all stood there, in our 27 year old primes, looking at the flier in disbelief and with one resounding thought going through our heads

Shit, we’re nearly old!

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