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May 26, 2009 No Comments

Agh, the 5 day weekend is over. It went too fast for my liking.

  • A few days on the coast again for Katie’s wedding.
  • 3 lovely days of waking up with the boy in Sheffield.
  • Being incredibly grown up buying cookers and light switches for the boy’s house.
  • Being less grown up and eating wham bars whilst the cooker is installed.
  • Discovering Waitrose sushi. Yum yum yum.
  • Bbq’s in the sunshine, accompanied by the neighbours atrocious music
  • Drinking with pink wine and lemonade.
  • Getting back on board with my holga. 2 rolls of film to develop when I get paid!
  • Sorting out the wedding pics.
  • Nursed a very poorly back. 
  • Half watching the shef united in the play off finals, with a lot of disappointed united fans.
  • Baking chocolate and lime cakes, well, I say baking – I melted chocolate for the frosting!
  • Getting excited for Glastonbury – the line up is announced and so are the clashes!
  • Confusing boys by bringing flowers to their house.

I love bank holidays. But after the boozy wedding, it was slightly sober-er than i had thought it would be, but physically couldn’t drink an alcoholic thing on saturday!  

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