4 days down…….

August 18, 2008 No Comments

And i have already come up against some non-drinking obstacles.

Yesterday, just as i was finished with my Quik working i got a phone call from the young lady who got me so hideously drunk Wednesday. She was at the pub, already a little tipsy and demanding I go out.

Whilst I managed to swerve that one, I was describing my abstinence to Hev at work earlier in the day {and in Sarah’s absence} and I realised if I try and aim for the end of September, I will be completely sober for Sarah’s birthday. I know this wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but I have been saving a really expensive bottle of champagne for the night, and I would hate to miss out on at least one glass! {don’t worry, it was a gift for my help on the big food and drink even I did earlier this year! – I haven’t gone mad and bought expensive plonk!}

We did also put our time in the little shop to good use and started making a list of the things we need for this party – it didn’t end at invites!

  1. Polaroid film. Triumph – I managed to get 50 instax mini shots for £15 on t’ebay.
  2. A nice book in which to stick said Polaroid.
  3. A sharpie and some glue. To write on and stick the Polaroid in the book.
  4. Onion Chutney – as the base of THE tastiest pizzas {butternut squash, spinach, ricotta and pine-nuts, with a red onion chutney base – ummmmm}
  5. Sparklers – what else would a roof terrace be for?
  6. Sparklers in the shape of 3’s and 0’s for on top of the cakes.
  7. A Pavolva. She doesn’t want a traditional cake. Pavolva is where this girl wants to be.
  8. Loads of 120 colour film for le Holga
  9. Drinks – Spirits – vodka, rum, gin, tequila, Jager {?}. Beers – we will have boys there. And the necessary mixers.
  10. Bacon – for the sarnies the next morning.
  11. Great i-pod mixes for dancing all night.
  12. Dancing shoes……..
  13. And a theme. Yes. We need a theme. We still don’t have one. It is a whole month away though.

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