2 weeks of birthday

February 4, 2008 No Comments

How annoying are computers. I start this thing and then it wont let me on the internet……but I am back, and where do I start?

well, I have managed to drag out my birthday for the last two weeks. it started with lunch with mummy and daddy at loch fine the weekend before it; their moules marinare are to die for. Then I had a little gathering at my house on the Sunday, for Mexican food and cakes, which I made, but may have put too much frosting on, as they were a little sickly.

Then came the birthday, and some lovely gifts, all round – the coolest tripod for my camera, a start, these new snowboard gloves, some photography books, a star (yes, a star – how cool is that! But now i have to name it!), and a little trip into town shopping when the rain stopped. Then finally last week, my present from my brother, these cool WESC headphones finally arrived for me – Interlink managed to loose them, twice, but I have them now, they sound great, and aren’t they amazing……

and now, two weeks later, my friend Sam, and I had a little joint swaree at a bar in town, with too much drinking, too many fancy dress costumes and at the after party back at the flat, not enough 3d snakes and ladders, and too much vodka! It coincided with the weekend that my best friend, Lizzie, had planned to come up from London, and that meant more treats – she bought me the most beautiful little clutch bag (with a strap too, she knows what I am like!) a matching scarf and necklace, and a message in a bottle kit. (Its soooooo cute, i’ll have to post an image) I just can’t wait until my mum and dad next take the boat out – they can pop in it in the middle of the Cornish sea for me and we’ll see where it ends up!

And we have booked the girls trip to the mountains……..details coming soon!

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